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Monday, October 1, 2018

SEP 18

This year has been weird. Off. It has flown by and I still don’t feel like I’ve had much focus. And it’s okay, but it’s throwing me off. September was a literal blink of an eye and now it’s October. This is usually about the time I start thinking about a theme for the next year, but I’m feeling stuck. What do I focus on? What do I need to focus on? 

My goals have pretty much taken a nosedive this year. So, I will share what I did do in September. 



-Read 52ish books. 

I started three books in September, but only finished one. Maybe I should preface by saying, I am taking two college classes, teaching two college classes, working full time, and working through an adoption home study. SO, my spare time is near non-existent. 



-Current goal is to read “At the Pulpit”, which I have been working on. 



-Run 400-500 miles

I’m slowly chugging along here. I ran a half in September and am currently at 362 miles. 



-Create a bucket list and cross off at least one item

We will cross an item off in October!!!


And honestly, that’s it. 


What I haven’t done/didn’t do:

-Learn something new

-Attend the temple

-Go to the dentist

-Work on scrapbooking

-72 hour kits

-Save 10% of income 


I could be disappointed by where I’m at, but this year has been different from what I expected it to be. At the beginning of the year, I thought I would be working somewhere else. I thought we would be fostering by now. We had a map planned out for the year. 

Instead, I’m happily at the same job and am actively working to move forward in my career. We are not fostering, but we are going through an adoption home study to do private adoption. I picked up extra work responsibilities. 

And change is okay. Change is good. Change is keeping me on my toes. 

If you haven’t already visited our adoption website, please do and please share!


And let’s all hope I make it through the next few, busy months!