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Thursday, March 30, 2017

2017 ch. 3

Does anyone else feel like this year is just whirling by? How it is that we are already 1/4 of the way done? There is something about goal setting and maintaining that seems to make time go by quicker.

I feel like I've finally turned a corner this month. I've been striving to say yes more and really living in the here and now with a sense of purpose, but ultimately, I haven't felt like there's been a lot of purpose to how I've been spending my time. Don't get me wrong, I still waste quite a bit of time, but I feel like that purpose is growing.

At the end of February, my sister asked me if I wanted to travel with her somewhere later in the year. I said no because I didn't know how I would pay for it and it wasn't a part of my plan, but the more I thought about it, I realized saying no would be missing out on a fun experience, so I said yes. Nothing has been booked, but the pan to book is there, and it's something I am so excited for! When I decided I would go, I realized I would probably have to give up buying a camera, which was one of my goals for the year. When I decided the camera was off the table, I felt a little disappointed, and after a minute, I knew I needed to find a way to do both. So I jumped two feet in and bought myself a canon and now I'm learning on how to use it. My goal is to start selling prints on Etsy, and hopefully one day, I'll sell enough to pay for my camera. I set up a shop on Etsy, (my shop) and know it will take some time, but I was brave enough to take that first step!

So buying the camera is my first official goal that I've accomplished! yayyyyy!!

This month I only read one book: You are a Badass: Jen Sincero and I loved it! I have been into motivational books lately and this one was on point. Here are some of my favorite quotes:
  • "Give yourself the gift of a joyous life while you're still among the living"
  • "Living a life on purpose is available to everyone"
  • "Time spent enjoying yourself is never time wasted"
  • "Your life is happening right now. Do not snooze and lose"
  • "If you made the decision that you were going to reach your goals, you would do whatever it took. If you merely wanted to, but hadn't made the firm decision to, you'd roll over and begin convincing yourself that your life is fine just the way it is" 
Seriously, this book is a game changer. I don't believe that I was born just to go to work and pay bills, there are so many other things I want to do and experience and this book has given me more motivation to work toward that goal.

Surprisingly, I have continued to write in my journal weekly. Sometimes it's short, but it's always better than nothing.

I have not been great with scrapbooking, but I have been developing my pictures. I'm hoping to get a bunch done during conference this weekend. 

This month, I visited my first new temple. I went to Oquirrh Mountain. It was so busy, even though I went on a weekday. I realized it's going to take an extra effort to visit new temples, but it's something I think will be good for me. So only 5 to go! I plan to visit the Vegas temple next month.

In March, I ran two half-marathons! (Both new). I really enjoyed the Canyonlands Half. It was fun to run with my brother and Mike. (You can see pictures from our run on my Moab post.) Next month is the Salt Lake half. I've been sick and missed two weeks of running this month, so I hope it goes well anyway. My mileage is obviously behind because of this, but I'm at 205 miles.

And last, the best goal of all: travel every month! We are officially 3 for 3 and have our next two trips booked! Traveling is so important to me. I love experiencing new places and it has been so great getting away with Mike for it a bit. We don't have every month planned out, so if you have any suggestions on where we should go, let me know!

All in all, this month has been good. I have been saying yes more, even when it scares me. Going after your goals and dreams can be scary, but I can guarantee when you go for it, it's worth it. It's amazing and possible, you just have to go for it.
If you haven't made any goals this year, make one. Start small. If you have, go after it. Your life stands still if you don't go after things. And if you're standing still, what's the point? You can do it; you've got this.  

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