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Friday, April 14, 2017


Last weekend we took our 4th trip of the year to Las Vegas! We did Vegas differently than the average person. I had 4 things on my Vegas must do list: go to the temple, hike, go to seven magic mountains, and eat at a buffet. haha. My priorities were on point. 

None of us drink or gamble so the typical Vegas stuff was off the table. But we still had a fun time! We went with my brother and his boyfriend and our dogs. 

We left after work on Friday and after several stops, arrived at our hotel (in Henderson) at about 11:30 pm local time. 

Saturday morning Mike was able to go train at 10th Planet Vegas while I went to the Las Vegas LDS temple. 


Mike enjoyed training with new people and I loved being able to spend some time at a new temple. I loved the Vegas temple! It was so slow and peaceful. I feel like it's hard to get that in Utah because it's always so busy at any given time at every temple you go to. Outside of Utah, time seems to slow down while you're in the temple. I loved it and can't say enough how glad I am that I was able to go! 

Saturday afternoon David and Trevor met up with one of their friends, so Mike and I stayed back and caught up on some work. (Snooze) Once they were back, we got ready and drove to Red Rock Canyon. Hiking and being outside in general is something I love and need in my life, so it only makes sense we would go hiking while in Vegas! Red Rock Canyon is just outside of Vegas, and it is beautiful! When we got there, we saw they were only taking cash and unfortunately we didn't have enough. We told the man at the window and he was so sweet! After asking us if we had any change to scrounge up the last dollar, he gave us a map, dog treats for the pups and told us to go charge! Seriously, the sweetest! 


After hiking, we went back to the hotel room, got ready and headed to the strip for a buffet dinner. We had settled on the Winn, but after getting there and seeing how much it was, we decided to go to the Luxor instead. It was delicious, although I was so hungry, anything would've been delicious at that point! Everyone was so tired at that point (Mike fell asleep in the car within 3 minutes) we didn't walk the strip, but drove it instead. 


Sunday morning was a little slower and more relaxed. We ate breakfast at the hotel, packed up, and headed to seven magic mountains! If you're not familiar, it's an art piece set up just outside of Vegas, in the middle of the desert. It was so fun to see the pop of color with the desert in the background! 

After that, we began our drive home. Which took forever. It was a short weekend, but it was so fun! The weather was beautiful (+windy) and we were able to spend quite a bit of time outside while it snowed back in Utah. 

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