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Thursday, November 30, 2017

2017 ch 11

November marks the time where I start thinking about goals for the next year and begin to reflect on my progress from the goals of the current year. I’m not sure how we got here. This year seems like it should only be halfway over. And this month in particular? Wasn’t it just the first week in November? Looking back, I don’t feel like I did a great job being purposeful with my time this month. I’ve been tired, sick, and finding excuses not to do things. Oops…. But it’s okay, because next month is a new month and I have the chance to try again. 



I didn’t read at all this month. See what I mean by slacking? Last week I realized I hadn’t read a book yet and that this was the first month in who knows how long I hadn’t read a book and yet I still didn’t even start reading one! I guess I’m giving myself a break before next year’s reading challenge? 



Again, I didn’t run much. I keep getting colds that go into my lungs and sinuses so I haven’t been able to run much. However, I did run a half marathon! Mike and I ran with some of my family on Thanksgiving and even though it was hard, I had a huge sense of accomplishment for running a race on Thanksgiving. Mike did so great and I was glad he ran it with me!



Wait what? Haha. I ran out of materials and whenever I would buy more and sit down to do it, I realized I was out of something else. But, I did make progress and at least started some of Paris. Luckily October and November should be quick! Making it a goal to get through October by the end of December! 



Mike is so sick of traveling. And it’s okay, because this was really my goal, not his and he’s come with me on every trip minus one. So, we kept it nice and close this year. Our staycation ended up being so much fun! We stayed at the Homestead Resort, went swimming in the crater, had the best Mexican food, then enjoyed a Doug Loves Movies show. It was so fun spending the weekend together, doing things we wouldn’t normally do. Next month is Disneyland and I’m literally counting down the days!


I’m glad I have one more month to push through on my goals (especially scrapbooking). I’ve started thinking of my goals for next year and have decided on a theme. It’s going to be a big year. A year with some changes and challenges, but it should be good. 

My ultimate goal for next month? Stay present. I love Christmas and all that it entails, but I want to ensure I am living in the moment and not through social media. I plan to participate in the Light the World campaign, which I’m excited for. Read more about it here:


What’s one thing you like to do with your family in the month of December? Share it with me in the comments below! I love new suggestions! 

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