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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

DIY Plant Stand

Do you ever see something on Pinterest that you just have to have? Guilty. Thankfully I have a dad who indulges me and my projects. 

I saw a plant stand I fell in love with! It’s so simple, but just what I was looking for to fill some space. 

Here are the instructions (sadly I don’t have any pictures from while it was being made)

1X3X8 pine 
Jig saw 
Kreg jig
Wood screws 
Wood glue
Paint or stain as desired 

The measurements will depend on the size of your pot. (The measurements below are for the pot I chose to use) -your pot will fit into the middle of the stand.  
Cut four pieces of the 1X3 into 18 inch lengths. These will be the legs. 
Cut two pieces of the 1X3 into 10 inch lengths. These will be the cross braces. 
Find the center of the 10 inch pieces and cut a 3/4 X 3/4 inch a lot. Test the fit. 
Use the kreg jig to make pocket holes at the ends of the cross braces. For added strength, use two on each end. 
Attach the two cross braces so they interlock. Use wood glue. 
Attach the braces to the legs using wood screws. (Mine measured 6 inches from the top, but this will depend on the size of your pot) 
Paint or stain 

Thanks, Dad for making this stand for me! 

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