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Sunday, June 3, 2018

MAY 18

I had a blah month in May. I’ve kind of felt like it’s been a blah year. I haven’t been focused on my goals or my theme for the year. 

I decided I’m going to take the month of June and reconnect. Reconnect with my goals, ambitions, hobbies, family, etc. And maybe I’ll change my theme of the year to connection. For now, June will be a month to inhale and to soak it all in. 

If you’re lacking in motivation too, it’s okay. Reach out and let’s help each other move forward! We can do it! 


Despite May feeling like it was a dud, I did actually move forward with some of my goals, so I want to acknowledge what I did do, instead of focusing on what I didn’t do. 



·         Read 52(ish) books:


I read 5 books this month and am right on track!

-The Rosie Effect: Graeme Simsion

-Braving the Wilderness: Brene Brown

-courage to be YOU: Gail Miller 

-Simon vs the Home Sapiens Agenda: Becky Albertalli 

-The Joy of doing Nothing: Rachel Jonat 


·         Learn/try something new:


I am wanting to get better at nightscaping. This month I have been watching tutorials and reading up on some tips on how to improve. I’m hoping to go out and practice in June! 




·         Attend the temple monthly. 

I haven’t been to the temple in MONTHS. I’m hoping to reconnect with this in June. 

·         Read the Doctrine and Covenants 


I fell off on this one too. *Cue the eyeroll*. So here’s to hoping my spiritual side does better in June. 




·         Run 400-500 miles. 

My mileage is still pretty low. But I have officially started training, so I’m expecting to be running more through the summer. My total mileage for the year is 142 (oh wow. That’s embarrassing.)

·         Trilogize with Runtastic 


·         Go to the dentist 


Okay. Honestly this is my least favorite goal for the year. But I know I need to do it. So, I’m planning on going before the end of August. 



·         Create a bucket list with Mike and cross off at least one item. 


I need to share our list so far! I just added it to my to-do list for June, so keep your eyes open! In the meantime, what’s on your bucket list?


·         Travel to 3 places we’ve never been to together


We hit Thailand in April and booked our trip to South Dakota for July! Have you been to South Dakota? We haven’t and would love some suggestions! We are also still looking for one more small trip to take. Mike started a new job, so it will have to be a weekend trip somewhere. Any ideas? 


·         Catch up on scrapbooking


I said I was going to get a book made in May, and I did! I have 3 more full years to go, plus finishing 2017. But I’m getting close! 



·         Create 72 hour kits

I still haven’t started this goal. Does anyone else have a goal to put together 72 hour kits? I need some help with motivation! Or maybe I’ll just buy one. 

·         Save 20% of income one month and intentionally save 10% the rest of the year. (started in March)


Due to some unforeseen events, we haven’t been able to start saving 10%, but we should be able to in June! 

It’s been an interesting year. It’s not going the way I imagined, which has been frustrating, but I keep moving forward. What else can you do? I’m excited to reconnect and focus on the things that matter to me. Although I’m disappointed with where I’m at, I know 6 months is a long time to be able to turn things around and still be successful. If you would like help setting or maintaining your goals, please feel free to reach out to me:

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