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Saturday, October 24, 2020

This is Halloween

Dressing up for Halloween is one of my favorites! We’ve picked Disney themes the last several years and this year was no exception. 

After some thought, I decided on the Nightmare Before Christmas. We even got to see it in theaters this year, so that was fun! 

My mom helped me make baby B’s and Hendo’s costumes. And I think they all came out so fun! 

I bought my costume from Target. It came with the dress and wig. I found some face makeup and tights on Amazon. I drew on the stitches and it really pulled it together. 

We found Mike a suit at a local thrift shop and I used marker paint to darken the pinstripes. I made his tie with stiff and regular felt and the same marker paint. We used a safety pin to attach it to his shirt. 

Hendo’s costume was pretty easy. I bought some cheap cotton and sewed it to be a slip over him. The eyes are cut out and I used an orange Pom Pom for the nose. Then used a sharpie for the mouth

(Oogie Boogie)
For B’s costume, we used muslin and cut out a starfish shape, keeping the top larger. In hindsight, we should’ve left more space to help plump him out. We sewed the two starfish pieces together and then used black yarn to do the stitching. The eyes are felt, which I glued on. Make sure to stuff the top with some fluff! The mouth was wide enough we were able to slip him in and out. We used about 1.5 yards of fabric and had some leftover. The amount of fabric you’ll need will depend on your baby’s measurements. To finish it off, he has a spider dangling down. 

Happy Halloween!!

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