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Thursday, February 23, 2017


We just got back from sunny (rainy) Arizona and it was so wonderful! As many of you know, Mike and I lived in Arizona for two years while we were in grad school. It was bitter sweet living there, but I've missed it for months!

While there, we had minimal plans. Mike wanted to go to the gym, I wanted to hike, and we wanted to eat all the Mexican food we could. 

We got in Thursday evening and Mike headed straight to the gym. 

Friday was our one full sunny day. I ran along the canal, which was wonderful, even if I was sick. The two of us met up with two of my friends for lunch at Gekko Grill...and can I just tell you how different and amazing real Mexican food is! Man, I can still taste the tortillas. After lunch, Mike and I enjoyed a walk around the Riparian Preserve. 

We spent the evening with our friends (Jaimee & TJ) who were gracious enough to let us crash their weekend. Dinner was our favorite Asian takeout: Yoko! I miss Yoko and only wish we had eaten more. 

Saturday was rainy, but that didn't stop Mike from going to the gym. He even taught a class! I headed to the Mesa temple (my favorite) to do sealings with my friend, Jaimee. Afterwards we went to Rally's to grab burgers for lunch. And then a few hours later, we went to the Soda Shop for some drinks and a game of jenga. Our last Mexican of the trip was that night for dinner where we went to El Charro...probably my favorite of all Mexican eateries I've ever been to. 

Sunday was a quiet day. We went to church at our old ward, which was so fun! 

Because I had been sick and it has been rainy, we hadn't had a chance to hike. I told Mike I really wanted to get one hike in before going home, so we ended up making the drive to the wave cave. Unfortunately we hiked the wrong trail, so it took longer than anticipated to get where we were supposed to be. It was beautiful! There's something about hiking in the desert. 

All in all, it was the perfect, low key weekend I was hoping for. Now if only I could find a way to get paid to travel! 


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