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Thursday, February 9, 2017

L O, L O, L O V E

Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday so it’s only appropriate I take advantage!

I decided this month I would tell you a little about Mike and I and how we got together.

We met in 2005. He was 14, I was 16. We were both working at a summer cub scout camp up Millcreek Canyon. That summer I started dating someone else so I didn’t pay much attention to Mike; plus he was 14.

A couple of summers later, we were both still working at camp. Mike had heard I’d never been to Barbacoa and insisted that we go. We went and then started hanging out regularly. We hung out quite a bit that summer and into the fall; we even formed BAM (Beth, Abby, Mike=best friends forever). At one point, I even told him I liked him and he told me he liked me back, but he didn’t want to get into a relationship as he was friends with my ex. Life got busy and we didn’t talk as often, but then just like that, the summer rolled around and we were still working at camp. I was dating someone else that summer, but one day I had a Jones soda bottle tell me to find a pen pal. Mike agreed and we began writing notes back and forth, our close friendship rekindling. Mike was going to New York with his family so the night before we had a BAM date at Jamba Juice. We were outside on the grass and Mike and I briefly held hands, there was an instant spark. We texted constantly while he was gone, finally admitting we had feelings for each other again, and this time wanted to pursue it. I broke up with my boyfriend, we had our first date, a few days later our first kiss, and then about a week later Mike asked if I was his girlfriend. 

Mike was still in high school and many people were upset we started dating. I frequently asked myself why we were together if there was no way we would ever get married, but it always felt right. We dated for 4 years until we FINALLY got engaged. We’ve always been best friends first and that’s been the foundation of our relationship.

Here we are, going on 9 years of our relationship. It’s not perfect, but he is still my best friend. So that’s our how we got together story. It sort of just happened really fast, but it was also a long time coming. 

So now that you know that, here are some fun facts about us….


Who wakes up first in the morning? Mike

Who takes longer to get ready? Beth

Who apologizes first after an argument? Mike

Who said I love you first? We used to say it all the time when we were friends, but actual in love, I love you, Beth

Who mentioned marriage first? Beth (although Mike wrote a poem for Beth during their first year together saying after around 7 months he wondered if she was the one…)

Who makes all the decisions? Mostly together, but ultimate say, Beth

Who is the messiest? Mike

Who wears the pants? Beth

Who is more into their looks? Hmm hard one. Mike cares about his body and being physically fit the most. Looks as in clothes and grooming, Beth.

Who spends more money? Beth 

Who has a bigger wardrobe? Probably a tie.

Who is grumpier in the morning? Beth

Who gave the first kiss? Mike 

Who made the first move? Beth (move meaning saying I liked him)

Who’s a bed hog? Mike 

Who is always running late? Mike 

Who is the biggest baby when they get sick? Mike 

Who is the first to say sorry? Mike 

Who is older? Beth 

Who is more sarcastic? Beth  

Who hogs the remote? Mike 

Who is the most stubborn? Both. 

Who drives when you’re together? Beth  

Who is the most sentimental? Beth. Obviously. 

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