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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Feb 18

I knew this would happen eventually. I’ve hit a month where I don’t really want to blog about my monthly progress because I feel like I have nothing to blog about. Somehow February felt even longer than January. Maybe it was the tease Utah gave us in thinking Spring was coming. I don’t know. But I feel like I was stagnant this month. 


This month I kind of ditched my goals, but I have been working towards creating more balance. Awhile ago, my sister showed me a check list of things she wanted to do every day, when she had checked off a certain amount of boxes, she was going to buy herself something she really wants. She joked about how she was like a child, and it got me thinking about how that could be a great way to bring more balance into my life (I love checking things off!) So I created a chart of things I wanted to do more/less and I am surprised by how effective the results have been. There are still several areas I need some work on, but overall, I think it’s been a great way to change some of my habits. 


Like I said, my overall goals took a little bit of a back seat this month, and honestly, I may end up changing them as I work out this whole balance thing. But for now, here’s my progress. 



·        Reading Challenge (I keep looking at the challenge list and there are some topics I don’t know if I’m into. I’m going to keep with the challenge as long as I can, but have decided I want to read roughly 52 books this year) In February I read 4 books:

-         The Fault in Our Stars: John Green (perfect Valentine’s Day book)

-         When Breath Becomes Air: Paul Kalanithi

-         The Rosie Project: Graeme Simsion

-         Madly in Love with Me: Christine Arylo 

*My favorite book for the month was The Rosie Project. I already have a hold in for the second book. (@simplisisters on Instagram as a monthly book club, go check us out!)


·        Learn/try something new each month. In February I learned how to hand crotchet and even made a blanket! Mike has already asked me to make one for him. Haha. It was hard at first, but I started getting the hang of it at the end. I’m glad I stuck with it. 



·        Attend the temple at least once per month. My sisters and I had a date scheduled and then it didn’t work out. I kept telling myself I would go another time and then I never did. No excuse for this one. Clearly this is still an area I’m working on….


·        Run more than 822 miles. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I ran 0 miles this month. 0. I’ve been focusing on some other exercises. This goal is not looking too promising, but we’ll see how the warmer months ahead go. 

·        Trilogize. I’m still hoping to do this, but the first race won’t be until June. 

·        Go to the dentist. Nope. Hasn’t happened yet. 



·        Create a bucket list with Mike and cross off at least one item. We still haven’t made a list, but I’m thinking we will this month. My running list is so small though, shouldn’t I have a long list of things I want to do before I die?? What’s on your bucket list? 

·        Travel to 3 places we’ve never been to together. We know where we’re going for all 3 trips and Thailand is so soon!!! 

·        Finish scrapbooking 2017 and get caught up. Maybe I’ll make one real quick tonight. I did well in January and then dropped the ball. March is a no spend month for us so I feel like I will need some time fillers. I plan to work on my 2017 scrapbook. 


·        Create 72 hour kits. I’m hoping to officially start this in April. We have purchased a few things, but have focusing our time/money on a different goal we have together for the year. More on that coming soon! 

·        Have a no spend month. It officially starts tomorrow. Wish us all the good luck. 

·        Build up my business. Initially, I wanted to build up my photography business, but I’ve been focusing more of my time on my sisters Instagram at @simplisisters 


So, not really where I want to be, but kind of because I’m finding more balance and feel like I’m getting to a good place. How is your 2018 going so far? Have you set any goals yet? If not, I encourage you to think about something you want to work on or focus for the next month/year. Then choose some measurable goals that can go along with your focus. Need help creating/maintaining your goals? Feel free to reach out to me:

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